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What services are available for you?

What makes unique and different from the other geeks?

Our story

Founded in Atlanta in 1996, services many companies from one employee to 50 plus. Over the years, most customers have been in Midtown, Buckhead, Norcross, Duluth and Buford. I now have customers from humble beginnings in two states of Georgia and Alabama. I continue to serve customers in Fulton, Gwinnett, Coweta, Troup and Meriwether Counties in Georgia. In Alabama, i serve Lee, Macon, Tallapoosa and Chambers County. I are based in Auburn, Alabama since 2013. implements and supports several lines of comprehensive business products developed by industry leader Microsoft to compliment Server and Workstation based operating systems. I offer solutions from not only Microsoft but other leaders like Dell, Apple, Cisco, Netgear, APC and Lenovo. 


  • SERVER INSTALLATION AND SUPPORT Windows Server and Workstation - I can order and custom build to your specifications, regardless of network size or end user demands
  • DESKTOP AND LAPTOP SUPPORT AGAINST VIRUSES OR ERRORS - Microsoft Windows technical support for a variety of solutions to your connectivity with manageability
  • OFFICE 365 AND EMAIL SERVER SUPPORT - Microsoft Exchange Server installation, support and migration for email reliability
  • BACKUP INTEGRITY AND BACKUP MAINTENANCE - Based on your schedule either daily, weekly or monthy, I can give you good assurance your systems are recoverable and any disaster or data loss restorable 
  • DELL Authorized Reseller for discount pricing on any servers or workstations that you need to buy in quantity starting at 1
  • COMPUTER CABLING and wiring replacement for CAT 5E or CAT 6 needs in your environment, rack installation and expansion
  • SECURITY CAMERA installation and repair with analog or digital solutions in certain geographic areas
  • CUTOVER expert to install new routers or switches for upgrading your office internet from one provider to another


VHS_logo.svg-1 VHS-Video-Tape-Top-Flat_(cropped) or 220px-VHS-C.svg  220px-Super-VHS-Compact001-Mini-Versionconversion to modern format like youtube or digital file

You will get back your originals and an USB stick with data or an  instant link to your media to download and store immediately.

$50.00 for first two items and call for more with custom and affordable price. I do not do BetaMax. I will cleanup image as best as possible from SD to HD but nothing can make it look HD. I have a scaler and will run through it but will not look HD from an SD source. That is not possible by anyone regardless of what they say. It will look better and most imporantly be sharable and able to post on youtube or your favorite platform and stop degradation and damage that time does to the tape.

Every seconds of every day degrades and damages the media. Those tapes were never designed to last for years and years. Stop the waste and get them processed in a survivable format that is digital.

Call me to get UPS pickup your tapes or ship them to me with PO number. Payment appreciated in advance so call.


CD_autolev_crop_new or  cassette_tape_label_invitation-r3bdfce04c380447aa4941eaae776b1b5_tcv4j_170 conversion to digital format available on USB stick or instant download. I will perform hiss reduction and try to equalize volume and sound to for clarity.
$10.00 a side of a tape or disk so call for quote

Call me to get UPS pickup your tapes or ship them to me with PO number. Payment appreciated in advance so call.


RESPONSE AND SUPPORT POLICIES offers a very affordable alternative to the OEM maintenance. Our maintenance provides superior technology service and support. We offer solutions designed to meet specific requirements for servers, midrange systems, networking and storage environments without the cost of a full-time IT person. We offer daily, weekly, montlhy or quarterly maintenance depending on your needs and level of assurance your system is optimal for your employees and bottom-line. does not guarantee data recovery or restoration of your backups. Any backup data is restored only on “best case effort” and no guarantee or monetary insurance offered unless you specifically pay for it in a separate insurance policy under contract. Data is not guaranteed restorable and is not responsible for data integrity or any other “acts of God”, software or hardware failure. is a limited liability corporation in Alabama. does not enforce or monitor any client licensing and up to client to maintain legal status of licensing on any product.
All products sold by us are legal and licensed appropriately if purchased from NO EXCEPTIONS