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Expert Business Computer Services and Support

Fast and reliable computer support for businesses and individuals.
From remote assistance to server installation, I've  got you covered.

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Expert IT Support

Get reliable and expert computer support for your business and personal needs. I am an  experienced technicians available to provide remote instant support, ensuring quick resolutions to your computer problems. If I can't fix it, I will not charge you.

Like your on-stie full time IT guy...

Comprehensive Business Solutions

I offer a wide range of business-level services including backup solutions, server installation and migration, website updates, and computer repair. With my expertise, you can focus on your core business while I handle your IT infrastructure.

Fast and Efficient Service is dedicated to providing fast and efficient service to ensure minimal downtime for your computer systems. Whether you need immediate support or ongoing maintenance, I prioritize your needs and deliver timely solutions. I return you calls or emails promptly always.

Computer Support and Repair Services

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Remote Instant Support

Need immediate help with your computer? My remote instant support service is here to assist you. Whether you are facing software issues, need help setting up a new program or experiencing network connectivity problems, I can remotely access your computer and provide real-time solutions. With my secure and efficient remote support, you can get your computer up and running smoothly in no time without waiting on a tech stuck in traffic costing you money.

Business Level Installation

For businesses in need of comprehensive IT support, my business level services have got you covered. I offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, including backup solutions to protect your valuable data, server installation and migration to ensure seamless operations, website updates to keep your online presence up-to-date and computer repair and support to keep your workforce productive. I will work closely with your organization to provide reliable and efficient IT solutions, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

business computer installation support

Video and Audio Conversion

I can convert your old VHS, VHS-C and audio cassettes to digital format. You even get returned your original copies. I can put them on USB stick, move to youtube so you can download them immediately or FTP for you to get anytime. Prices start at only $50 for up to two tapes and will run through HD scaler and process the best possible based on your original format.

While nothing will make standard def look high def, it will be better and in digital to share and view on any new platform. You can then not worry about Father Time destroying them.

Plans and Pricing

Affordable Pricing and cheaper that Best Buy and waiting days to get your stuff fixed and a stranger working on it. Discrete service and support
Most issues are by job and not hour; however, if major issue taking hours to repair prices will reflect time needed to repair. Call for estimate

By The Job

$129 for most fixes

Some examples
  • printer issues
  • internet issues
  • crashes and boot issues
  • antivirus removal

Server Issues 

$199 for most fixes

Some examples
  • Server Virus or Damage
  • Migration Services
  • server cleanup or expansion
  • Cutover to new provider

Monthly Maintenance

$499 a month +

Up to 10 employees
  • Server Backup Monitoring
  • Server Maintenance Updates
  • Unlimited Remote Support for entire office staff


See what people are saying

Greg Hickman has been the IT professional for Pineapple House Interior Design for almost 20 years. Greg began as our web designer, a role that he continues today, but his expertise is far, far beyond that. He manages our Windows and Apple servers, our Email server and our audio-visual security system. He insures that our data is safe with regular backups to our everyday operations. Greg has kept us on the cutting edge of all web-based technology, helping us navigate though every decision on hardware, software and equipment. I would not even buy a cell phone without asking Greg's opinion. Highly recommended for business computer support.

Cyntha P.
Cynthia Pararo,  Atlanta GA

I was panicked today when my computer wouldn't wake up, and I called other repair places and either got no answer or was put on hold forever. When I called Greg Hickman and left a message, he immediately called back and helped me solve my problem in less than 5 minutes. He was knowledgeable, kind, and just in general first rate. I would definitely call him again when I have any computer issue. HIghly recommended!!!

Caroline G. Auburn, AL

Greg provides a great job! Analyzed our needs and sold us a system, helped us on using it and we're off and running.

Pat R. Moores Mill Auburn, AL

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At, I provide top-quality computer support services for both businesses and individuals. With our remote instant support, you can count on me to quickly resolve any computer issues you may be experiencing. Additionally, I offer business-level services such as backup, server installation and migration, website updates, and computer repair and support. I am dedicated to ensuring that your computer systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you need assistance with troubleshooting, software installation or hardware repairs, I have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Choose for all your computer support requirements and experience the highest level of service and discrete professionalism. I do not wear a pocket protector either.

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